This is a collection of the videos I’ve made during my time learning digital art.
It’s far from the end, merely a humble start.

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How did My Lost Mind become a thing? Here’s a video no one has seen from the past. One of my first videos when I was still learning who I was, unknowing what had begun…
A side of me you’ll probably never see, something I made for my Son. There’s NO Voice mods, that’s actually me doing the voice XD – It has been a childhood character for a while.
My Lost Mind sunk deeper when I lost yet another best friend… Never stop reaching out those handy hands, you never know who or how bad someone truly needs it.
Bonus points if you spot the Typo XD

My first Commercial for Natsuki Mori
The First Commercial I made for myself on the request of my friends, so I tried to feature all my friends with about 1 year of memories crammed into a short amount of time. Also the The Rise of The NamMan!
Learning how to control animation speed with my 2nd video.
Natsuki Mori yet another event producing this!
ThanksGiving at Natsuki’s Place – Live Photoshoot in 4 minutes.
The Day Nami Nammerson Gained his independence and joined Xaroc and the Namazu Dance Crew, featuring The NamMan

This is all I have for now, but new videos will be posted at the top.
Thank you so much for checking out everything I had to offer.
People like you make the countless hours spent worth it.
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Thanks and Credits to Square Enix & Final Fantasy XIV
A Digital world I simply cannot escape from.