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The Goblin Reviews: iPad Pro – 12.9″

So, Apple.. We meet again.

We’ve had a complicated relationship over the years, haven’t we..? Yes, well..

Over the last 6 months, give or take, This Goblin has been using the Apple iPad Pro, 12.9 inch as a daily driver for digital art production and photo manipulation. I have zero complaints about this large, shiny tombstone for scribbly time.
It’s very responsive and the display is super crisp; having had a head injury a few years ago that still gives me issues with normal monitors, I don’t have the same issue as frequently with the Pro, since it allows my eyes to relax more.

The Goblin came prepared, it seems.

As for the iPad Air, this year? This Goblin won’t be upgrading.. Despite the new chip, there are many features that it is lacking.
See this Goblin’s chalkboard, above for more info on that.

Now, to go get some doughnuts and coffee


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