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A Coffee Nerd from Across the Pond!

An introduction; Artistic Frienemies’ influence reaches Australia!

Coffee Goblin
Goblin feet add a complex and potentially unpleasant flavour to your brew – keep Goblins out of your coffee!

Hailing from all the way down in the Great Down Under. Where the internet struggles, everything is out to kill you, and beer is an acceptable breakfast. The Fuzz will be bringing an Australian (pronounced “awww-stray-yan”) point of view to the Artistic Frienemies.

Future content from my brain-meat may include; welding and metal fabrication, nerdy coffee talk, commentary on all things Australian, photography, SPACESHIPS AHHHH, and best of all PUPPERS! Identities will be protected, but there may be a cute dog posted here and there. As well as the occasional update on my green thumb shenanigans.

It is my pleasure to be a part of the team! The Great Big Hrothgar that sheds fur everywhere, and drinks (almost) all the coffee.

They call me The Fuzz.

For a little glimpse of my life, have a peek at my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/waltzingdingo/