Terms and Conditions

The following is some terms and conditions to help us work together fairly, I don’t wanna have to use this here Spud Cannon.

Right to Refuse Work:
Comfort and Creativity work hand in hand, I hold the ability to refuse work for any reason. If the subject matter goes beyond my comfort level, or treated with hostility/disrespect.

Private Bookings & Appointments:
Artistic Frienemies Discord Server is a requirement to make use of these feature. Most my communication and work is done there, it’s literally my home.
Patreon Tiers must be met to use the features within them.
– Limits on bookings 1 – 2 per month.

Custom Wallpapers, Profile, icons:
Depending on the level of complexity, I can often finish custom wallpaper and icon sets in the same day. However, delays and life play a factor, so additional time may be required.

Please Have Patience:
Things like delays, cancelled appointments can happen.
I don’t have a team, it’s just me with many different hats on as well as being a father. Your understanding is appreciated.

Big thanks to Square Enix and Final Fantasy:
Many of the pictures featured here are property of Square Enix within the game Final Fantasy XIV.
I’m playing there amazing game, snapping photos, and sharing the experience with you all. None of this would be possible without all their team members collaborate work.

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