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Goblin Scribbles 4

Less fluff, more human! This Goblin draws many things. Humans are still an area of challenge for me in some ways. But practice makes perfect, this Goblin is told! At least close to it.. have a look! The Goblin made a Chibi Nat! For our resident decorator, Miss Natsuki Mori.
Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7

Xaroc admires the expert craftsmanship found with the Apple Watch Series 7. Coming from the very first Apple Watch known as the Series 0, the Apple Watch Series 7 was one large cat leap forward. I purchased myself the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, but it was in replacement…

A Monster is born

Xaroc Drocass from Coeurl Server aligns himself with the Red Fox Monster."I'm done healing" it mutters under its breath. The day of wrecking lays within the mind's eye. "I want them to scream my name upon my arrival".

Natsuki Mori – 3 Days Until The End

The Dark Summoner Natsuki Mori celebrates the coming of the EndWalker.Only 3 days remain for those who're wise enough to pre-order their copies early.This image was built using Stickers and Wallpapers I have throughout this website that I'm constantly adding to. Art is Freedom and you're always free to use…