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  • AF Free Company FFXIV

    The Artistic Frienemies Free Company now has its own landing page to make it easier for those looking to take advantage of our Free Photoshoots on Final Fantasy XIV, or simply have a group of friends to chill with.

  • Partner Together

    Trying to sell a product but just can’t get noticed?
    I’m in the same boat as you friend, except I’m not selling anything.

    Have your product pictured then remixed digitally in the stylistics of the gallery around you, then advertised here as we promote it together.
    I believe together we can build something beautiful.

  • 50 New Wallpapers added

    My Library is yours! 50 New Wallpapers added in full resolution, free to use / Download / steal / reuse of all my Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV assets.Art is freedom and you’re always free to mine.Welcome to the Artistic Frienemies.

  • 100 New Wallpapers added

    I’ve added 2 new pages, 100 new full resolution pictures. My Library is yours to Download / Steal / Reuse / Anything you want. My Library now has over 500+ images and growing for our community. View The New Pictures… Read More ›

  • 12 Memes Added

    My Memes are yours.
    12 Memes added to the AF Website and with your ideas, we’ll create even more.

    If you want to be used or featured in future memes, be sure to join the Artistic Frienemies Discord Server and join in with the shenanigans.

  • 100 New Free Transparent Stickers

    My Library is yours. I use stickers all the time in posting new content and now you’re free to use mine as well. 100 Free Stickers in 2 Pages has new been added to the AF Website.

    Download / Steal / Reuse these stickers and show our Discord Community.
    There you’ll be able to request creation of your own stickers too!
    – Welcome Home

  • 50 New Free Use Photos Added!

    50 New Final Fantasy XIV EndWalker Inspired Free Use Photos for Download, Steal, Reuse, Anything you want. Art is Freedom and you’re free to mine.

  • Full Site Overhaul + 20 FFXIV Cards Free Download

    NEW Cards Tab now exists, 20 Free to use & Download FFXIV Cards.
    The entire AF Website has been overhauled with Red Navigation Arrows on pictures to make viewing media much easier.