FFXIV Custom Profile Icons

Custom made Final Fantasy XIV profile icons and badge upon request. This service is linked to my Patreon – $25 (USD) – Custom Supporter Tier. – This also includes a Custom Wallpaper during the icon shooting for a set if requested upon.

Please be advised that enrolment in our Discord Server is Required.
more on this at our Terms and Conditions.

Requests for Custom Work (MUST) be done on our Discord Server.
I know not everyone uses Discord, but I need to keep everything in one place to manage the flow of traffic easier and be more responsive. Thank you for your understanding.

Custom profile examples:

For as long as you remain a Custom Supporter on Patreon (or higher) and on our Discord Server, you’ll be able to officially request creation of a new custom icon/badge and optional wallpaper once per month (sometimes more).

Your support goes a long way to feeding my family, and in turn I want to support you back with everything I have to offer.

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