Custom FFXIV Wallpapers

Welcome to the Custom Wallpaper Section.
Xaroc Drocass is always running around doing something, but taking photos is something he loves to do.

He takes the time to make Custom Wallpapers, Profile icons, Cards, on request through Patreon for the people who support him through his journey through the Art world. However, if you’re looking for Freebies he does those as well. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. It all comes down to being active within the community.

find all his Custom Work here in 8K on Patreon

Xaroc has begun making tutorials, and posting some photoshoots on his YouTube Page, and sometimes even streaming them Live on Twitch.
If you’re a supporter and/or lucky enough, you might just be featured in his videos or streamed live!

Are you a supporter? Find Xaroc on his Discord Server – Artistic Frienemies, let your requests fly, and be apart of our community.

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