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iCatch-ing!: Pokémon- the Goblin way!

When this Goblin found out that Nintendo was releasing yet another Pokemon game for the Switch later this year AND that it supported multiplayer?! The team and I could hardly contain our excitement! It's been DAYS since the first Nintendo Direct stream and we're still talking about it! The release…
Man with white rabbit ears and jaw-length silver-white hair leans on a wooden pillar with his eyes closed. He is a bunny named Wolf. He wears a red button down shirt and a red and black bandana around his neck. In the background there are large sofas, red flowers and paintings on the stone walls. A speech bubble reads "Who am I? That's a good question..."

A Bunny Named Wolf

Who is this mysterious, confusing person? A bunny named Wolf? Isn't that a contradiction?A very good question, indeed, because it doesn't have one easy answer. See, I'm a Wolf of many faces, many skills, some of them I like to share, others are available for a price. A more pertinent…

Goblin Scribbles 4

Less fluff, more human! This Goblin draws many things. Humans are still an area of challenge for me in some ways. But practice makes perfect, this Goblin is told! At least close to it.. have a look! The Goblin made a Chibi Nat! For our resident decorator, Miss Natsuki Mori.