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  • Washu Rose – 9 Days Until FFXIV EndWalker

    Washu Rose reminds us there are only 9 days left until the official launch for Final Fantasy XIV’s EndWalker Expansion, but of course, you’ve already preordered, right?

  • 10 Days Until the EndWalker Arrives

    Only 10 days remain until the EndWalker officially releases. Of course, as you already know that the most eager Crystal Defenders will break through my realm a few days early. To those chosen few who stand ready, I wish you the best of luck.
    You have no idea of the punishing gauntlet that awaits you, it’s literally out of this world.

  • A Single Touch will enrage this dazed beast

    New Pictures added and among them is the Dreamer Lemur,
    A Beast so dazed you never know what kinda reaction you’ll get from them.
    It has been said that disturbing a Dreamer Lemur mid-Daze could lead to catastrophic behavioural outbursts such as Sudden gasps, Screams, or an intense stare as if they’ve turned to stone.

  • More Free Images added – FFXIV Final Fantasy XIV EndWalker

    Page 9 has been added to the Final Fantasy XIV Wallpaper image index.
    A few people within our community have already begun using some Backgrounds, combined with stickers for one amazing picture!

  • FFXIV Notification Ringtones for iPhone

    Chef Gordon Ramsay Adds Final Fantasy Sounds to Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max at Hells Kitchen

    Installing new Ringtones & Notifications on iPhone can be difficult, figuring out which janky app to install and if it’s even worth your time sucks.
    Knowing this, I took the liberty of converting a few good Final Fantasy XIV sounds, tones, ringers that I use myself for our community.

  • Page 8 – KFC Chickens Riding a Fat Chicken with Mushrooms?

    Why is there a little chicken riding another much larger chicken, luring him to run faster with cake? I don’t know the answer to this, nor can I say if KFC had anything to do with it, or if they even use mushrooms.
    What I can tell you is that I just added a Page 8 to my Wallpapers section

  • 40 New Free 4K images Added – Page 7

    40 New Free Images, wallpapers that can be customized with stickers!
    Your background doesn’t have to be static and boring, with little to no editing skills YOU can customize & build your wallpapers too. Need help with that? Ask Xaroc, he’d love to teach you all about how he does it.

    My Library is yours

  • 36 New Free Use Images Added

    36 New Free to use images have been added to the Wallpapers tab of the Artistic Frienemies Website. Art is Freedom and you’re free to use mine.Transparent stickers are perfect for any YouTube & Twitch Streamers looking to spice up… Read More ›