Artistic FC

Did you know Artistic Frienemies has its own Final Fantasy XIV Free Company? We’re located at the Coeurl Server: Plot 48 of Ward 19 – Goblet

The Artistic Frienemies FC location is the meeting location for ALL AF Community Events.
– A Community event is something is something I put together for everyone at the FC. I will stream, take photos, edit them, possibly make them into icons or more. Community Events are a great way to score some freebies.

Want to Join AF?

Artistic Frienemies FC on FFXIV Lodestone – is a Family Friendly FC.
We are a group of casual players, who are almost always up for helping those in need of dungeon clear, party friends, IRL friends… This community is VERY supportive in all walks of life, and I hope a VERY high standard of respect.

If you wish to join our Frienemies, we welcome all. You know where to find us.

– Welcome Home

Constant FC Benefit Buffs:
10% More EXP
Reduced Teleport cost

The FC links directly to our Discord. and we also have optional Cross-World Link Pearls for those on different Servers / FCs.
FC Enrolment is NOT required, it’s okay to only be a member of Discord.
– Cross World Link Pearls are for (Discord & FC Members Only)

See what’s new and coming next, check out our Latest Updates.

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