Artistic Frienemies was a dream I had years ago, with friends I use to know.
It was meant to be a community of starving Artists, who’d work together, grow together. I’ve created everything. This Website, Patreon, FC , Discord Server, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Twitch, take the photos, edit photos and videos now too, share them, promote them, answer your questions, take your requests, be a father to my child, take care of my mentally ill wife and still have to find time for myself.

When everyone has left, or moved away. I won’t… I will continue to hold this place with my own two hands, I’m building a dream. My Son wants to be a YouTuber so bad when he grows up, at least if I fall and fail, he’ll have a good platform to carry on after I’m gone.

If you want to get closer to me and the people in my community, you really should be in the Discord. It’s literally my living room.

About Me?

My name is Tom. For those who truly know me, it won’t be too hard for you to find me.
I grew up home schooled, started working when I was 14 years old. I had a fascination with technology that knew no bounds. I’d take nearly everything apart just to see how it would work, Then put it back together, but find way to make it better. This resulted in many broken toys, but so many lessons learnt, in so many ways.

I worked labor jobs for money to pay bills, but my passion always stood on the side of Graphic Design and 3D Rendering, Web Design.
I got my first official writing job at a blog called AndroidinCanada.ca on which I grew my skills, ultimately became editor and chief of the blog.

Years later a good friend of mine named Ryan co-created AndroidColiseum.com together. We ended up doing nearly 200 Live online web shows on Youtube, countless written articles over the years. I had to step away to take care of my Son.

As I grew, I became a department manager at my labor job, worked over 16 years to a company who didn’t care about me. Took advantage of me at every turn, failed every promise. Then Covid 19 Took the job I commited half my life to away that didn’t care for me. When I explained my situation, all they could say was “….so… when are you coming back?” – I couldn’t commit anymore time to a company that didn’t even care my family is struggling through the Pandemic.

Fast forward again. I free fall here at the age of 33 with nothing in my hands. Everything has faded, people have moved on. I single handedly built this website for all those who wish to share an experience with me. Perhaps one day, I’ll know what it’s like to have a full team at my back once again. until then I will give you all that I am, all I can.

To anyone who actually read this to the very end, Thank You… You’re the ones I do this for, the ones who truly care. – Thank you for being awesome.