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Goblin Gaming; Yakuza in 2023?

These days, finding a multiplayer game can be difficult. Especially one that meets the needs of your whole group, whether it be 2, 3 or even 5.

Recently, Remnant 2 dropped and the AF crew dropped everything to complete it. Nothing else was out yet for us to play together.

Enter Yakuza: Like A Dragon (2020).

This Goblin has always enjoyed watching Xaroc play games. Scarier, the better- but I’m a straight up coward, I’ll never play scary games by myself.

This game is extremely entertaining. Full of quirky, corny comedy one-liner gold. The story itself is lengthy, and full of wholesome moments, despite the cold-blooded nature of the famed Yakuza.

I WOULD recommend this game in 2023. I’d recommend it any time, if it falls into your interest category. There are plenty of things to do, to keep you busy, plenty of things to help you make money, in game.

The downside of this game is- there is a quest in chapter 12 that requires the player to earn 3 MILLION YEN… YES, 3 million. In order to even progress the story.

There are guides on this step, like completing Omelette’s Part-Time Hero quest, or even completing the Sabotenburi fight tower- neither of which are available until after Ch. 12.

This Goblin’s advice is just do quests. Particularly, the part-time hero quests. They will pay more than enough eventually.

Don’t worry! You get this money back, shortly after the battle tower completion. It sucks at first, but trust me, the story is worth it!

I hope this has been enlightening or at least helpful for you, if you found yourself here.

Hope to see you again, soon!

Kiki Goblin