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Minecraft Maps – Week 4

It’s that day again!
This time, I have a few maps with Dark Mansions that aren’t that far from spawn.

Go take advantage of those big, free houses and get those goodies, early!

If you have suggestions for future maps, you can find this Goblin here on Twitter.

Previous maps can be found here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

Thanks to ChunkBase for the Seedmap App.

minecraft spawn

Seed: -1027437392617316170 – Bedrock 1.19

Directly spawning into nothing in particular, here, move immediately to your northeast to a dark forest mansion, surrounded by swamplands. There are a couple villages nearby and mine shafts under all of them.


minecraft mineshaft

Seed: -1177369529502961335 – Bedrock 1.19

Spawn here lands you in the forest/plains biome. As with the first map from today, head Northeast through the dark forest and you’ll find your new home.


minecraft seed

Seed: -1508726784528875185 – Bedrock 1.19

Spawning in the forest biome, there is a dark forest behind you, to the south, southwest. You’ll find the mansion hiding sneakily under the mine shaft icon, there, near the edge of the dark forest.


Minecraft maps

Seed: 8098578583555578368 – Bedrock 1.19

This last map has us starting in the plains, on the edge of a forest. Head East until you find the Pillager tower, then head directly South through the dark forest to find your mansion, nearly directly in the middle of it. Cozy!