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Minecraft Maps; Week 3-

Let’s get right into it this week. Y’all already know why you’re here.

If you have suggestions for future maps, you can find this Goblin here on Twitter.

Previous maps can be found here: Week 1, Week 2.

Thanks to ChunkBase for the Seedmap App.

Seed: 1006617432569386112, for Bedrock 1.19

This seed map has a LOT of water, but it’s also a great spawn point. Directly under spawn is a mine shaft, with a nearby sunken ship. To the north, west and south, you’ve got villagers for days, along with a Pillager outpost in there.

Seed: -8387961530138394270, for Bedrock 1.19

One of the better badland seeds I’ve come across. Plenty of villagers around, lots of mine shafts and even a few trees to the east in the plains, if those mine shafts aren’t too kind.

Seed: -836028581938528796, for Bedrock 1.19

I held onto this one because of the biodiversity along with mineshafts and the villages close to spawn. Look at all those sunken ships!

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