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Minecraft Maps; Week 2-

When it comes to maps, this Goblin knows a thing or two.

When it comes to Minecraft Maps, this Goblin turns to Chunkbase.

See LAST weeks maps, here:

This Goblin will keep posting these map seeds more regularly.
Minecraft Mondays seem fitting!

So, help yourself! Feel free to share these maps with friends and share links in the comments below or share images to me on Twitter – @Goblinbuggirl. I’d love to see them, as I don’t test all of these seeds, myself.

Seed: 2769445606891274951, for Bedrock 1.19

A dark forest mansion just South West of spawn! How lucky. Start off in style!

Seed: 1367100696170499124, for Bedrock 1.19

This seed looks plain. But consider the biomes you’re surrounded by, here. Plenty of jungle and bamboo, if you’re into that.

Seed: -4999086642501194534, for Bedrock 1.19

When I spotted all of these blue lanterns around Spawn, I got so excited, I nearly fired up my game immediately to go explore! Four Ancient Cities for this Goblin to go explore!


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