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Minecraft Maps with The Goblin

When it comes to maps, this Goblin knows a thing or two.

When it comes to Minecraft Maps, this Goblin turns to Chunkbase.

Any seasoned Minecraft vet knows that random map seeds can be problematic; not the desired biome, not enough elements or materials for survival etc.. Chunkbase just cuts out the guesswork of whether or not your map seed is worth putting hours of work into or not, before bailing on it to start another. Thanks, Chunkbase!

This Goblin will share maps every week! I constantly go through Chunkbase, finding new and randomly generated maps. I will post the cooler ones I find, here.

Week 2 can be found HERE

Help yourself! Feel free to share these maps with friends and share links in the comments below or share images to me on Twitter – @Goblinbuggirl. I’d love to see them, as I don’t test all of these seeds, myself.

Seed: 8882380744970851638 – for Bedrock 1.19

Seed: -9036962389727562299 – Bedrock 1.19

Seed: 5921031255732683269, for Bedrock 1.19


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