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Goblin Reviews – ✨Smoko✨ Now

This Goblin’s been away for a while. Apologies!

However, I return from my last review with goodies! Very squishy goodies!

Over the years this Goblin has been looking for the perfect squish; one that makes me smile whenever I look at it.. because it’s meant to make one feel better, right? Absolutely.

Enter Smoko Now! A small L.A. based business that specializes in some of the most creatively adorable plushies and home/office decor that I’ve ever come across. Their products are well made from quality fabrics and foams.

This Goblin loves bugs, but bees are my favourite. So of course when I came across this fellow, I HAD TO HAVE HIM.

He’s super cute and super grumpy! Nothing pleases him and we’re perfectly happy accepting him that way. He’s a permanent couch friend.

I received a few other items from SmokoNow, as well! (Many thanks to Xaroc for the fancy jinglyshines! This Goblin will punch you later.)


I ordered Grumpy Bee from Urban Outfitters in the USA. The others were all ordered directly through SmokoNow. Shipping via either source was detailed and fairly fast, both within about a week after initial order.

Thank you, Smoko!

TL;DR – This Goblin wants you to go throw your hard earned coin, a kidney or your first-born at this particular creative vendor so they can make more adorable things for us to then throw more coin at them for.