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To-Ki Reviews: Diamond Extracts – 2g Disposable

If you’ve been following this Goblin’s posts long enough, you know I am a peruser of legal medicinal/recreational cannabis. This Goblin was not paid or sponsored for this review.

I’ve tried many kinds of flower, concentrates, shatter, budder and edibles. But for today’s spotlight, this Goblin features Diamond Extracts: Root Beer and Gelato strains, 2g disposable pens.

First, the unit itself- Approximately 4 inches tall, oblong profile and flat, so it won’t roll away when you put it down and you’re stuck searching the whole house because you’ve forgotten it’s location. Each unit is a different color, fitting to the strain.

Root Beer is a deep orangey bronze and black, matching the can of Hire’s Root Beer that the strain is named after. Gelato is bright pink with a rainbow ice-cream cone. The flavours are great, the root beer actually tastes like it’s title. The Gelato doesn’t taste like ice-cream, but it doesn’t taste awful either. It’s earthy with floral notes.

I’ve noticed that a lot of disposable units have an issue with air flow, feeling like you’re trying to drink a triple thick milkshake, rather than enjoying a couple hits after a long day to relax. This pen, luckily, has very good air flow, I don’t feel like my chest muscles working overtime for a hoot. A huge plus as this Goblin normally buys the 1g disposables from Diamond and their air flow can be quite restricted, particularly when the un-adjustable battery runs low. If your tank begins to clog when drawing, charge your pen. The battery is low which makes the coil weak. They do NOT come with a type B charger, so I hope you have one on hand. The LED on the front stays on when plugged in, until the unit finishes charging.

Yes, a battery- these pens charge via a USB-B plug in the bottom when they stop working. They work using auto-draw; Just pull the pen from the box and smoke. There’s a small indicator light on the front, bottom of the unit that will automatically flash and turn off after 5 seconds of airflow. They’re firmly built and don’t feel flimsy. This Goblin could probably throw one under the wheel of a car and it would be fine. (Don’t do that..)

Not only are these units reliable, but they’re also cost-effective. At $60CAD per 2g. unit, it’s a no-brainer compared to $45-50 normally for a 1g. unit.

After all of this Goblin’s words, I hope at least some of them were helpful in your search for knowledge. Have a wonderful day!

Kiki Goblin