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Crafty Wolf – The First Peek

A peek behind the scenes at Wolf, a white haired male character with rabbit ears, sits in his Free Company workshop in Final Fantasy XIV. In the background is a bubble containing a construction project for the company.
I love nothing more than hanging out in our Free Company workshop and seeing the things we create together.

If you’ve read my posts here before, you’ll know that I love to write, and if you’ve seen me around Hydaelyn then you might have noticed that I often wear my crafting mentor crown with pride, but I’ll give you a little peek behind the scenes at the creative palace that I like to call Wolf Towers, because you might not know that my love of creating things also extends to the real world, in fact, I’ve been fortunate enough to make it my career!

Now, there’s nothing I enjoy more than enthusing about the things that I love, so here goes, I’m going to treat you, my beloved readers, to a first little peek behind the scenes at the creative palace that I like to call Wolf Towers. Okay so palace might be a little bit of hyperbole, since most of my work takes place at my kitchen table or on the sofa since I don’t (yet) have a shiny desk like this to work at, but that’s on the back burner, since I only moved back to this house 2 years ago and we’ve been busy renovating the whole thing, but that’s another story.

Wolf's eye view giving a peek behind the scenes of one of their jewellery stalls at an event. The table is covered with dark blue cloth with a white section that's filled with various handmade goods in a variety of colours, from brightly coloured flowers made from loom bands to keyrings with glass and metal charms, beaded necklaces and the various materials used to make a rainbow necklace that's in progress.
My little stall at one of my first events, a local mini-festival in a beer garden. It was awesome fun!

I suppose in gaming terms, my main skill would probably be Goldsmithing, though I don’t currently work with precious metals. I do, however, create unique pieces of jewellery predominantly from upcycled materials. It was a two-fold reason that I started with upcycled materials, since it was more accessible and affordable when I was starting out teaching myself to create jewellery, I started to scour local charity shops (similar to goodwill) or handy sites like Freegle for old or even broken jewellery that was unwanted and would otherwise have gone on to landfill if it wasn’t sold. It felt great, giving new life to the unloved things, changing them into new, beautiful pieces that are worn with pride and love by people all over!

A front of the scenes peek of Wolf's stall at another event with their old business name on a white sign in elegant purple script. Miss Ebil's Gifts and a matching purple pawprint. On the stall are a variety of handmade goods in an array of colours from flower shaped keyrings to steampunk necklaces and wooden beaded bracelets. To the right of the image are a board featuring handmade keyrings in bright and pastel colours with metal charms in many themes and a purple stand with lots of brightly coloured earrings.
Another event stall under my previous shop name, Miss Ebil’s Gifts.

With a little luck and a whole lot of research, I was able to set up my own business, dipping my toes into a couple of local events which were a little hit and miss, a couple I lost money and others I broke even, but the experience was invaluable and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Though I’ve since had my partner join me in our creative endeavours and re-branded to what now is Wolf and Hen Creations I still hold a lot of love for my old business name and branding, it’s onwards an upwards from here and I look forward to sharing more of my creative journey with you all!

Wolf, a white haired male character with rabbit ears wearing a deep red shirt with a black undershirt and a matching black and red neck scarf.
Thanks for reading – Wolf