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Sucking Down a Dead Frog for Judgement.

This Goblin occasionally has a craving for fizzy dizzy drink. I’ve heard some call it, ‘beer’. But that doesn’t sound right to this Goblin.

So when someone introduced this Goblin to, ‘Dead Frog’ drinky drink, it sounded too good to be true; it’s a frog I can drink?? Sounds like my kind of thing! The Spriggans always offered each other frogs for medicinal purposes, but this Goblin was always too young to use them in that way.

Fruity Dead Frogs??? That’s new..

Dead Frog brewery recently introduced these flavours of fizzy dizzy drink!:

Orange Creamsicle: Probably my least favourite of the group. Every sip this Goblin took, it tasted more and more like I was drinking rusty tool water from the blacksmith’s dip shack.

Peach Creamsicle: This Frog was a bit more tolerable. A mild, peachy flavour followed up by the traditional hoppy tastes with subtle sweetness.

She REALLY hated the Orange one.

Strawberry Creamsicle: By FAR, this Goblin’s favourite of the box. It’s the only one that truly has the ‘creamy’ mouth feel they all claim to have. It’s the LEAST hoppy of the four, with gentle notes of strawberry and hops.

Straight up tastes like a Corona beer with a lime wedge. So, while this Goblin enjoys this dizzy drink, it’s not a favourite.

Strawberry Creamsicle was her favourite!

All in all, this Goblin’s overall experience with this drinky crate was …


The effort put forward on getting the flavour combinations right, was evidently attempted. Attempted…

Keep trying, Dead Frog.

Goblin reviews fruit flavoured beer.  Spoiler alert, they're mostly awful.
Goblin’s made her choice. Strawberry was the clear winner, here.

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