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Dogsitting with a Squeaky Kong Ball in Hand

Right now while I’m writing this, I am on a dogsitting assignment chilling out on the couch with a Miniature Schnauzer beside my lap snoozing away. Daring not move more than is required, to ensure they have a nice little nap before dinner time.

Dogsitting this cute little miniature schnauzer!
She gives these occasional little sighs that makes my heart melt, like she’s happy right where she is.

I’ve thrown that Kong squeaky tennis ball down the hallway maybe 20 times today, and it’s easy to know when the little pupper is starting to run out of energy. If they had it their way, it would be non-stop, like one of those Robot Tennis Ball Throwing Machines, and they would probably make themselves sickly exhausted. Little dogs can be such little bundles of energy. This one in particular, when she’s not chasing the squeaky tennis ball, she’s mauling a poor little plush piggie that has definitely seen better days. The ears on it in particular are a magnet for abuse, and it shows. The damage is far too explicit to show in this humble blog. (Really, it’s got an ear off!)

Not all of my Dogsitting adventures are like this. Often it’s a little unit, a small house in the suburbs of Melbourne, always within range of UberEats, DoorDash, or Menulog. Within spitting distance of society.

This week I am in a wonderful rural suburb to the east of Melbourne. Although I cannot get my usual Maccas or Tacos delivery, as a dogsitter I must prepare myself for the location before arriving. I packed some freeze dried beef and vegetables from a successful Survival Goods store, and after cooking a bowl of Ramen using the freeze-dried beef, broccoli, and red onion… I can definitely taste the difference! I don’t know if I’ll buy another pre-prepared freeze-dried whole meal ever again.

And it’s not just the dog that is eyeing off my Ramen – these cheeky buggers watch everything you do.

I am a very happy “camper”. Every morning I will be getting some sun and some mountain air with a coffee cup in hand.

Cheeky birds keeping me company while dogsitting
There are even some lovely birds to feed while “camping” out here!

And that is what Dogsitting feels like. When I settle in location with the goal of not leaving the house. Maintaining the security and wellbeing of the pets, as well as the house that my clients entrust me with. All my fishing, hunting and foraging for wild edibles is done in the kitchen. The feeling of being camped out in an unfamiliar location is still there however. If I hadn’t prepared for my journey, I’d be kinda buggered. I’m not gonna eat the dog, that’s for sure.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns though, it takes the right kind of person to be a comfortable and capable dogsitter. But I kinda like it.

That is it from me for now, but not the last! Don’t forget to check the other talented writers here at artisticfrienemies.com! Or if you’d like to see more content produced by the Waltzing Dingo, follow this link here!

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