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Kiki Goblin shiba inu

Achievement Unlocked!: Mega Shiba Mount!

Does this Goblin even NEED to tell you how hecking ADORABLE THIS SHIBA IS?! Just look at him!! I love him almost more than I love coffee! Almost..

This Goblin got spoiled for her birthday, this year. Our resident bunny, Rose gifted me the recently released FFXIV Megashiba Whistle mount!

The Happiest, Goodest Boy!
This Goblin likey.

He a VERY good, cuddly, happy boy! He also comes with three executable mount emotes;
“Wag”, “Bark” and “Whimper”.

Wag– Produces a happy, bouncing motion, followed by good boi barks.

Bark– Boof! Get someone’s attention!

Whimper– YOU GET TO PET THE GOOD BOI. Even if it means him hanging his head and tail, apologetically, it’s super cute!!

10/10, This Goblin would highly recommend!

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