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Goblin Way: From To-Ki to Cho-Ki

To-Ki .. Combine ‘Toke’ with ‘Kiki’ .. Wait five seconds.. Then you’ll get a Cho-Ki!


So.. Back in 2019, the Canadian government signed a bill to legalize the recreational use of Mary Jane. For years prior, this Goblin wouldn’t have dreamed of touching the stuff, not just because of legal reasons, but, this Goblin wished to keep what little braincells she was born with, as intact as possible.

Now, I hear you asking, ‘What changed..?’.. This Goblin’s mental health. Long story short, I don’t do well with people, generally speaking. There was a string of events, in a very short period of time that caused me to mentally break down; I’d had enough.

I approached my other half and expressed these issues.. and intended to remedy them by smoking. Normally, it would have been more of a conversation starter, but Xaroc could see how physically and mentally distressed I was and encouraged me. I won’t lie, this Goblin was moderately surprised.. and very relieved.

The Goblin partakes!
The Goblin partakes!

Needless to say, it’s been nearly four years since this Goblin started using this wonderful plant to help soothe what ails her. While I encourage others to dabble in any curiosities they may have about using pot, remember to do so responsibly. It’s not legal in all places around the world yet, so look into that before you get into trouble!

If you reside in the city of Vancouver, B.C. or the surrounding area, this Goblin has a lovely Jinglyshine for you, for getting this far into my article!

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Enjoy responsibly!

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