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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Questions New Fish Dish

Final Fantasy XIV Namazu finally lands on the Menu in Las Vegas. Hell’s Kitchen is eating good tonight with Gordon Ramsay at the pass.

Having owned so many restaurants in these troubling times, it’s only natural that another business owner wants to get a little inside information. How does one keep Namazu’s so fresh for a long duration of time?

Gordon Ramsay at Hell's Kitchen

Likely to no surprise to anyone, Gordon Ramsay was unavailable for questioning for the following reasons.
1. I don’t know him.
2. This isn’t real.
3. He thought the whole idea was fishy
4. I got fired on Day 1 of Season 21 filming for accidentally letting an Namazu loose.

Long story short, I’m still waiting on Hell’s Kitchen Legal team to contact me regarding my lost wages.
However I’m not holding my breath, mostly because of reason 2.

For some strange reason it still didn’t click for you, reason 2 “This isn’t real”.
I hope you got a laugh out of satire for comedic purposes.

The REAL Hell’s Kitchen is said to arrive in the Summer of 2022… See you then Gordon…

Thanks to Square Enix for allowing me to use their assets!

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