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Apple Watch Series 7

Xaroc admires the expert craftsmanship found with the Apple Watch Series 7.

Coming from the very first Apple Watch known as the Series 0, the Apple Watch Series 7 was one large cat leap forward.

I purchased myself the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, but it was in replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S10.
This meant I’d be leaving Android for Apple’s echo system and would need a new Apple Watch to replace the old one.

Immediately everything looks super clear, the beautiful screen that covers the entire Apple Watch.
However if you’ve ever used an Apple Watch before, then you already know everything else.

Is this a good thing? I say yes, because it removes the learning curve that would normally come with new tech.
Sometimes not reinventing the wheel and overcomplicating things is the most valuable aspect of it all.

Apple Watch

This post was in no way sponsored, in fact I even had issues getting the Apple Watch into my hands. Not to mention I paid in full, so I won’t be pulling any punches.

I bought my Apple Watch from BestBuy because Apple literally couldn’t deliver.

Opening the Apple Store App on my Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, it automatically grabs my location and shows me my nearest store.
I take the time to customize my band, the case, the whole process was very nice until checking out.

Apple Maps / Delivering Issues

I use Apple Pay, but the issue occurs when Apple’s own GPS and Maps gives an incorrect postal code by 2 digits and needs to be fixed within my profile. Because Apple’s own Maps cannot find the address , expedited shipping is removed. The corrected Postal code according to Apple’s own maps is less than 90 feet.

I called Apple via the Help by Phone button on the order page, I requested to order manually and have the very same driver deliver that would normally deliver. That way they’d have the correct address, with the 90 feet correction that Apple’s Maps makes for my area. – Apple was unable, unwilling to even attempt to try.

I love my new Apple Watch, it’s clearly a cut above the rest. I’m however disappointed in wasted customization time, unhelpful Apple’s order process was to address an issue their own maps creates in which had me literally buy from someone else.

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