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ESR Case Review

iPhone 13 Pro Max ESR Case & Free Gift Review

ESR Sends a free gift for bad iPhone 13 Pro Max case. The Free Gift is useless without a case – Watch to learn how this happened.

Review of ESR’s Case & Free Gift

It was never my intention to make fun of little things like this, but receiving a kickstand for a bad case replacement is funny.

Considering from the Email conversation we had, I had thought ESR would have send 1 extra case or something to apply it to.
I mean, I did tell you I was going to show off what you sent me…

With nothing else to say, Thanks for the Kickstand ESR.
The next time I find myself shopping for a competitors phone case, I might be able use this clip you sent me.

I’m thankful ESR reached out, happy they sent a gift in replacement for my denied refund.
I’m left somewhat confused as the gift is unusable on its own, they knew I was going to be showing it off.
Anyone want a case review? I have an extra clip laying around to help display your products!

Feel free to Contact me.


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