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BREAKING NEWS: Namazu Speaks on Apple Scene

Nami the Namazu speaks about his Apple Store scene earlier this evening, in what one would call “I said no comment, now leave me alone” by the only person who accepted a copy of the Daily Nam.

Namazu at Apple Store

We here at Artistic Frienemies got the first scoop of this huge scandal that took the nation by surprise.

Nami the Namazu is a fictional character to the alter-ego “The NamMan”, the hero of NamKind in Final Fantasy XIV.
Nami just got himself an iPhone 13 Pro Max and He’s looking for Apple’s AirPod Pros, but he knows a new generation is near.

With Apple AirPods in sight, he’s also looking towards Apple Watches as well to complete the set.
Nami was however displeased to see his old iPhone 6s & Apple Watch Gen 0 are essentially worthless.

How’s a fish to earn money? I can’t exactly invest in Stocks like Fredrick, Credits to Michael Reeves.
– Disgruntled fish reaches out

For those of haven’t clued in yet, this is all just for fun. I have no issues with Apple, I’m literally talking about spending more money on them.

Apple News
Apple News

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