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The Best iPhone Controller

If you’re looking for The Best Apple iPhone controller you can get your hands on, I’d tell ya to get a Backbone.
No, I’m not trying to insult you. The Backbone One is The Best iPhone Gaming controller I’ve ever used.

Kiki the Goblin reaching for an iphone gaming controller, Backbone one
Give your Goblins something they’ll really enjoy – BackBone One – iPhone Controller

I paid the full $139.99 CND, so why am I promoting it?
I actually really like this controller and doing the digital artwork for it was so much fun.

Mobile gaming is that thing where you may not play it all the time, but it’s always right there in your pocket when you need it. Many of us end up running back to it frequently and for those people, I seriously recommend the BackBone One if your looking for a controller.

The Best iPhone Controller – Switch?

The Best iPhone controller, shoulder buttons. - Backbone one.
Left & Right shoulder buttons
Nintendo Switch Joy Con compared to Backbone one
Backbone One & Nintendo Joy Con comparison

Right away, Nintendo Switch users should feel right at home.
The Buttons are clicky and firm, nearly identical feeling to Nintendo’s Joy Cons.

Mobile Gaming in Final Fantasy XIV
Playing Call of Duty inside Final Fantasy XIV

The controller itself doesn’t require any power, so it’s easy to slip in a bag and go. It however offers a Lightning port to charge your iphone & a headphone jack. – RIGHT! No foolin, a headphone jack on an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Because I have the thicker iPhone 13 Pro Max, you’ll want to make sure you order directly from Backbone.
Why? – Because they add a special attachment to make it fit the thicker model, which may not be included by others.

Apple Arcade, Xbox, Sony Playstation, Steam, Stadia, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna,

One last cool thing

Backbone One includes a service that couples all your gaming services & games in one launcher via the Orange button.
On top of this, the launcher offers Screen capture, recording, voice channel & more.

Unfortunately, this also comes as a yearly subscription.
I also noted their voice channels are always empty, their discord was limited, seemed dead.
Above all else else, This is STILL the best iPhone Controller I’ve used to date.

Check out the Backbone One – what I can the Best iPhone Controller.


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