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Final Fantasy Minecraft Cookies

New exciting games are sometimes hard to come by, Minecraft, Final Fantasy and Cookies help pull us through.
If you don’t have enough Cookies, this is what causes an Enraged Goblin to lurk in the deepest depths in search for them.

Final Fantasy XIV Minecraft Artistic Friends - Artistic Frienemies.
Kiki from Final Fantasy breaks the fourth Minecraft wall. – “COOKIES!”
Final Fantasy Minecraft Crossover Art
Kiki the Goblin Smashes through the wall.

The Enraged Goblin

The Enraged Goblin roams around in this “hangry state”, according to ancient folklore, muttering obscenities and smashing walls.
Broken walls, fragments of cookie bits found littered throughout deepest depths, “COOKIES!” she grunts with rage.
The audible grunt echoes throughout the area, you know she’s on the hunt, what would you do?

Eat Cookies in Final Fantasy & Minecraft

It was decided. Kiki the Goblin got hungry while mining for Iron, Cookies she craved.
Her growling Goblin Tummy drove her into a hangry rage, smashing through the walls.
Only the mightiest Chocolate Chip Cookie could quell such a beast. – Possibly a Sponsored Cookie?
– She’d be your best taste tester for life.


Goblin Kiki waits for her Cookies…

Kiki needs Cookies for the Coffee she’s already taken from you, are you going to be the one to deny her a Morning Coffee too, who’s the real monster here? Besides, you know how Kiki gets without her Coffee.
She was once responsible for Final Fantasy XIV running out of copies for an entire month!
She’s not one to be messed with…

Kiki the Goblin steals of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker copies.
Kiki Guards all the copies for FFXIV Endwalker

There’s no telling what the Goblin Kiki will do next to get what she wants, please don’t wait for another tragedy to unfold before we take action.
She’s a Goblin of fine taste. She wants Starbucks Coffee with that 2 pumps of hazelnut just how she likes it.
This only stops her thirst, Cookies is the REAL item on this list, the pure greatness to dip in Morning Coffee.

For this, Subway Cookies the Sweets the Goblin favors most.
They’re able to keep the Cookies soft, cheap, and of so yummy.
Starbucks is a Good 2nd place, but I mean…. Prove to me you could be a 1st place by helping quell this Hangry Goblin with a Cookie!

Minecraft Dungeons

We played Minecraft Dungeons

Looking for something a little different?
Kiki, Washu Rose & myself played through Minecraft Dungeons a couple weeks ago.
I’ve put together a YouTube Play list found above if you’d like to check out the adventure we experienced.


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