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This YouTube music collection I’ve made through my short time on YouTube has been an emotional adventure.
I’m not walking into this as a small company, I’m walking into this as a single man trying to wear all the hats at the same time.

At times my stubborn headedness get the best of me and I have no choice but to admit, “I can’t do everything by myself”, and
Music is one of those things. I have a deep love and connection to music, though lack the talent to pull the melodies from my head. During those times, I’d look towards a Streamer and YouTube creator, Harris Heller.

Copyright free music for YouTube and Twitch streamers. Stream beats

Why? Harris Heller opened a DMCA free to use music service called Stream Beats.
The Stream Beats Website, has a large library of songs to dip your fingers into on the occasion.
I use to reach out to Harris in hopes he’d see his music used in one of my videos, pop into his streams once in a while.
He was always too busy, or had too many people also reaching their hands out. At some point I just stopped trying as I started to feel I was wasting my time, but the reality was I just needed to grow up and move on.

Paul Messier

Paul Messier - Sound Cloud Musical Library. Epic music for epic people.

I got contacted by long lifetime friend, Paul Messier from SoundCloud.
He has been providing me with his Piano Covers, as well as offering countless opportunities, offers for crafted music all in the name of friendship & love for the art. – Thank you Paul Messier for working so closely with me. You’ve provide me with the dream and tools for us to make something beautiful together.

The Musical Artists Featured in this playlist

Harris Heller – I hope you like the videos one day, if you see them.

Paul Messier – Your efforts have gone above and beyond, I look forward to the next project!

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