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YouTube 4000 Watch Hours Make Money

How To Get 4000 YouTube Watch Hours Fast

Are you trying to accumulate 4000 YouTube Watch hours? I got news for you friends and no it’s not about the war going on right now, or even Covid.
MANY people are trying to get this many hours onto their accounts, but many will also fail.
So what’s the real secret here? What’s the trick they’re not telling you? Why are they telling you in a very long youtube video?

They’re using YOU to get the watch hours. If everyone wants to get these 4000 Watch Hours and is Googling them, you’re powering the channels and monetizing them, YOU are the driving force.

I suggest you start with a platter of videos to be consumed at once, your BEST, but also long videos like this to stack those watch hours. – Follow My Channel for Music Videos, but also Watching is supporting. We are all in the same boat here. However, there’s more.

Even if they’re not the best videos, just keep something available and read at all times.
The videos must also be Public, so not hidden videos. This is also why you see those annoying 10 Hour videos, it’s literally someone throwing some devices with different IP Addresses, or they pay for a server farm. In Linus Tech tips case, he builds his own in-house Server farm to farm his own videos and webpages. He’s a very smart man, but he’ll never tell you this, nor will Mr. Beast, XQC, (insert your favorite streamer name here) that seems to have vastly more views than another… think about it… They’re investing money back into their business for more “Fake views” Wonder why XQC chat moves so fast, spamming the same message? No, it’s not because 75% of his audience are having constant strokes due to the overwhelming entertainment, it’s to simulate a buzzing channel while he reads from a private chat, completely ignoring the general in many cases.

Believe it or not, Crypto Farms are not the only thing that’s being farmed. Many YouTubers won’t tell you this, because why would they expose their secret? Get your friends to watch all the videos on the page, per click view. Make longer videos, more watch hours.

Think I’m right, perhaps I’m horribly wrong. Tell me in the YouTube comments, as you help give me watch hours. See how it works? Now, go give me watch hours lol.

If there’s any good friends out there, watching these videos could also help me with watch hours as well.
Good luck – Share on – Always remember I’m here to help friends with their graphical needs.

If all else fail, just recycle content from tiktok that’s not yours, that seems to be how everyone else is making it now.
Go stream some Anime or something like pokimane XD

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