A Single Touch will enrage this dazed beast

New Pictures added and among them is the Dreamer Lemur,
A Beast so dazed you never know what kinda reaction you’ll get from them.
It has been said that disturbing a Dreamer Lemur mid-Daze could lead to catastrophic behavioural outbursts such as Sudden gasps, Screams, or an intense stare as if they’ve turned to stone.

During our testing, we discovered It’s extremely important to speak in a soft, soothing rhythmic voice. Barking, Shouting, Shrieking like we were transforming into aliens only seemed to confuse and enrage them. We found this especially hilarious because it’s just a legit pissed-off monkey having a tantrum, throwing all the dog toys around the room in anger.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this is all Nonesense and I’m just trying to get a laugh out of the character I once had fun with.
Enjoy the free pictures!

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