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New FFXIV Discord Icon

Artistic Frienemies has a new Discord Icon!

After a couple different revisions, I have finally made the new logo for the AF Discord Channel.
This particular one featuring Washu Rose & Kiki Drocass, the two people who have run this place with me every step of the way.

Though we are a very small community, I’m very happy for the friends I have and the very few who’ll even read this.
Enough of this sappy nonesene now, The EndWalker is nearly upon the citizens within FINAL FANTASY XIV – If I cannot reach The NamMan before The EndWalker arrives, I’m not sure who’ll be there to defend us.

You Don’t Play FFXIV?:
There’s a massive FREE Trial RIGHT HERE! – Thanks #SquareEnix
You might just like it….

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