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My Kitty Came Back

My Kitty came back

I have taken a little time off to play Destiny 2 since the new expansion – Beyond Light came out. It’s a blast from the past, bringing back great memories when my brother and I played together a couple years ago, but now it’s even better and fleshed out.
Not to mention I also started a Clan on Destiny 2 to accommodate a few members of our Discord Community also coming over to play. Head over there if you’re interested in playing along, or just getting closer to the team.

Since my time off, I’ve changed my character back to my default Cate Boy on which I first started the game with. There’s 8K pictures of such and others for Free over at my Patreon Page.

I’ve also been streaming with a couple members of our Discord and we’ve really been enjoying Phasmophobia, especially in VR. For all that, you should be checking out my Twitch Page.

I just wanted to take a little time to reach back into the community, although we’re super small and I doubt many will read this 😛
I hope to see you around the Discord and I will try to be a little more active with the posts and content. As always, Toodles for now.

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