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FFXIV – How to Gpose – I Didn’t Win #2

You can now view the FFXIV – How to Gpose latest video on Youtube. Come watch as Xaroc goes through his process of taking the photos he does. A special thanks to the people who requested more videos. Just starting out, barely breaking 20 view a video, you never really think you’re good enough. It takes that handful of special people to let you know someone’s still there.

I got more videos in the works. Editing takes a very long time, so I expect to release a video once per week if not more. I will get faster as I get better, but you can also help support me. Something as simple as sharing this page, this video, or even my Twitch.TV/xDrocass Channel so others who are into that kinda thing might check it out. Any and all support help push me and my family, our community towards the right direction.

I myself cannot do this alone, I rely on the community members for inspirations, models, friendship, IRL help, emotional support. Come be apart of our Discord Channel, My Home. Be Amongst Frienemies.

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