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NFT Stock Market Crash

When we learnt what a NFT was and then what it evolved into, similar to stocks we all kinda knew it was a scam in the making.

FFXIV Picture Taken Live on Twitch.TV/xDrocass
FFXIV Picture Taken Live on Twitch.TV/xDrocass

So what do you do once you’ve learnt you were kinda dumb and invest and lost a lot of money?
I would assume it would be similar to the lottery system in Final Fantasy XIV, if you just lose you can just jump off the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor lottery area where FFXIV players do all their stock trades is just high enough to not critically harm you.
So though you might try, only a couple broken legs are in your future and not the Payout you were looking for.

Funny Joke?

Nah, all I said was true. This is all inside a video game though and is mostly written all in good fun…. mostly…

There’s YouTube Videos here if you wanna see other stuff. AF

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