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How to Gpose FFXIV Tips n Tricks

I have posted another video on my YouTube Channel. This time it’s a how to video tutorial on Gpose for FFXIV. Follow along in Final Fantasy XIV with me in a guided tour, together we will recreate these 3 photos step by step.

Art, photos, screenshots, call it what you will. I call it soul and I don’t embrace it, my feelings will rise up and swallow me whole.
The passion of art is a creative beast, an endless fountain of knowledge which Artists latch onto and begin to feast.

The pictures I take help me release the pent up feelings within.
The pathway to insanity is a path that’s a straight line, you’ll hit the end quick and stand before the gates of #Mylostmind.
The pathway is unlit often unkind, but this is my home and it’s one of kind.

You see a fork in the road… what path will you take?


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