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Custom FFXIV Wallpapers & Icons for Supporters!


Hello My Frienemies.

I have added 24 New custom FFXIV wallpapers and icons to the October Wallpapers page.
This is only for the (HD Premium) which is included in all levels of support of my Patreon Channel.

My Patreon will feature all my 8K content, photos taken for the enjoyment of my supporters of all levels, beginning with Supporter ($5+) 

Want Custom FFXIV Wallpapers and Profile icons?
That’s for the Custom Supporters ($25+)

Want to book me to attend your party or event?
– I support those who support me with Private Bookings ($50+)

Want your own story?
Together we can make Comics with StoryTeller Supporter ($100+)

Want me to teach you?
1 on 1 private sessions, I will show you how I do pretty much anything you ask. ($150+) – Teach Me Senpai!

It’s becoming a lot of work making double posts for FREE and for PAID, the extra editing that comes with it. That’s why here on forward, My Patreon will become the online Gallery for supporters

– All FREE content from here on out will be viewable on any of these following platforms.


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