The EndWalker is coming…

Artistic Frienemies

A Square-Enix Partnered Art Community.
I created this community to share Videos, Wallpapers, Icons, Stickers and so much more with my friends.

  • Welcome Home.

Artistic Frienemies Discord Server
Our Discord is where all the communication happens.

Artistic Frienemies FC
Shirogane – W21 – P48
Don’t be shy, members are always welcome to this small humble community.
The FC House serves as the Meeting Place for ALL Freebie Photoshoots.

Support & Hire Xaroc

Xaroc makes free pictures for Discord Members who participate in events and friends who contribute to the community.

However, if you’re looking to Support Xaroc or Book his time outside of events, you should check out Xaroc’s Patreon about Supporting and/or Hiring him.

FINAL FANTASY XIV EndWalker by SquareEnix and Artistic Frienemies.

FINAL FANTASY XIV – The EndWalker is coming, but is it what or who everyone thought it would be?

  • Don’t have a FINAL FANTASY XIV Account? There’s a Massive Free Trial Right Here!

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