Artistic Frienemies Presents: The House of Nam
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Ward 14 – Plot 26 – Goblet
Live Photoshoots on Twitch – Fridays at 6PM -8 PST

I might be on YouTube and Twitch, but if you really want to get in contact with me, Discord is the place to do that. My Discord Server is literally my living room. When you’re here, you’re family.

I’m now streaming a lot of things I do on Twitch, later they will be edited and brought over to my YouTube channel for edited release.

Be sure to follow and Subscribe for the latest releases and videos, Final Fantasy photoshoots I do and push out to our channel.

Latest News

I highly recommend keep up to date with the Latest News section. All the latest story releases, cards, etc will go here. Also, you’ll want to look out for Community Photoshoot Days. I gather up at the FC house and take freebie photos and icons.


My Stories are the most purest version you’ll see of me on your screen. They’re depictions of my mind, because you can’t hear me scream.
Three different personalities, and they’re all insane versions of me.

Let me tell you a story…

Custom Wallpapers

Are you looking for something to really spice up your Desktop or Mobile Phone? I got some good ones to offer you.
Still not what you’re looking for? I can help you take and make you a custom one.

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Custom Profile Icons

Profile icons are so important. It’s literally the first impression someone will see when looking at your profile. Show them your best self with Custom Profile Icon. I would love to help you make some if you like the style I do mine in.

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Making Magic inspired cards is a lot of fun for me. I occasionally make more and add them to the growing collection. If you’d like to be featured on a card, or even have one for yourself, I’d love to make you one.

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Classic Collections

The Classic Collection is a handpicked collection of all the best of the best of my entire library. See pictures that never seen light before, see my flaws, my growth, my soon to be legacy.

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About Us

If you really wanna know…
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